Vegas Treatment Services

Vegas Treatment Center offers a wide rand of services and support to our patients and their close family members. We offer assisted treatment that consists of three necessary steps. First, the initial assessment which helps our team to determine each individuals needs. Second, we provide medication to assist patients with stabilization. Lastly, we work with patients and their families in supportive counseling to educate, encourage and provide patients with necessary support.

Initial Assessment

On the first visit to Vegas Treatment Center, our professional team will complete a physical assessment and evaluate the patient’s general health and body condition, and assess how the treatment will benefit the patient.


Patients will receive a low dose of Methadone (between 10 to 30 milligrams) once assessed and ready to start treatment. Methadone helps the body process detoxification in a gentle and safe way, not having to experience severe changes.


Once the doctor has found the ideal dose for the patient’s body, the maintenance phase begins. During the maintenance phase, the patient will have to continue treatment which entails taking their Methadone dose daily until the patient can stop taking opioids, without any risks or harming the body.

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